We have all been in social situations where we have struggled to hear those speaking around us. Whether it has been a restaurant with clattering plates and music or a busy shopping centre with reverberant surfaces, it can be hard going, especially if you have found you are becoming hard of hearing. You may not realise it but there are some simple things that we tell our patients to do to help them hear better in these situations and you can use them whether you wear hearing aids or not.

1. Think about where you sit

In a restaurant, if you can, try and sit with a wall behind you. This can help make background noise less of a hindrance and improve speech sounds coming from the front – usually where you are looking.

hearing trouble when outside

2. Tell those around you that the environment is hard for you to hear in

Most people know what it is like when you miss parts of a conversation and how isolating it can be. Therefore, if you inform those around you, you will generally find that people will look at you more when they are speaking or move to areas where they know they can be heard better, to help you.


3. Get a hearing check

If you have never had a hearing test before, they are painless and really straight-forward, you have absolutely nothing to lose by getting one and a whole world to gain! If you already have hearing aids and haven’t had a review or check appointment for a while, ask your audiologist for an update on where you are on your hearing journey. Most professionals will let you try the latest technology too so you can see if there is any better support available to you. Don’t be shy about taking action when it comes to your hearing – WE LOVE YOUR EARS and you should too!


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