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Appointment Type

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New Patient Hearing Aid Assessment

I am new to Pindrop hearing and would like to book an initial consultation for a full comprehensive evaluation of my hearing and recommendation of hearing aids.

Duration 1:30 Hours
Cost £149
Ear Wax Removal (Microsuction)

My ears feel blocked and I think I need ear wax removal.

Duration 30 mins
Cost £80
Diagnostic Hearing Test for ENT (Adults and children over 4)

I have been referred by an ENT consultant for a hearing test (Pure Tone Audiometry and Tympanometry)

Duration 30 mins
Cost Insurance
Existing Patient Annual Reassessment or 6 month check up

I am an existing Pindrop Hearing patient and would like to book an appointment for my annual or 6 month hearing aid check.

Duration 45 mins
Cost Covered
New Patient Tinnitus Assessment

I have tinnitus and would like an initial consultation with detailed investigations and recommendations for treatment.

Duration 1:30 Hours
Cost £295
Existing Patient Hearing aid repair or LYRIC device change

I am an existing Pindrop Hearing patient with a faulty hearing aid or with LYRIC devices that need changing.

Duration 30 mins
Cost Covered

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Harley Street
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Chelsea Outpatients Centre
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