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Thorough tests for an accurate diagnosis

If your patient is suffering from hearing loss, vertigo, imbalance or dizziness and you want to investigate further; Pindrop Hearing offers a range of diagnostic hearing and balance tests that can support accurate diagnosis.

Each of our audiologists has either a BSc or MSc qualification in Audiology. They are also registered as Clinical Scientists in Audiology with either the HCPC or RCCP. They have been thoroughly assessed to ensure that they are working to the highest possible clinical standards.

Pindrop Hearing currently provide diagnostic audiology for ENT consultants at the following locations:

41 Harley Street

The Spire Bushey Hospital

Lister Hospital


Harley Street

41 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AL

Spire Bushey Hospital

Heathbourne Road, Bushey, Herts, WD23 1RD

Lister Hospital

Chelsea Bridge Road, London, SW1W 8RH

Adult and Paediatric Hearing Tests

Pindrop offers a wide range of hearing tests, from routine audiology to advanced audiometry (medico-legal). This extensive skillset supports your patients on their journey to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Pindrop’s routine services include:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Paediatric hearing assessments
  • Tympanometry
  • Stapedial reflexes
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Speech Discrimination Tests

Pindrop’s advanced services include:

  • Transient evoked Oto-acoustic emissions (TEOAE)
  • Distortion Product Oto-acoustic emissions (DPOAE)
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) – Threshold or Neurological
  • Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry

Balance Clinic London: Diagnostic balance tests

Vertigo, imbalance or dizziness can be debilitating and sometimes frightening for patients. An accurate diagnosis is essential to finding a solution, and a vestibular assessment can be a key part of that process.

Our team has over 30 years’ combined experience in delivering diagnostic hearing and balance tests. The results from our tests help referring ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Consultants or Neurologists make accurate diagnoses.

107 Harley Street

The Spire Bushey Hospital

The Balance Clinic London operates from the following locations:

Harley Street

41 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AL

Spire Bushey Hospital

Heathbourne Road, Bushey, Herts, WD23 1RD

Our fully comprehensive vestibular testing includes:

  • Video Nystagmography (VNG)
    • Gaze
    • Smooth pursuit
    • Saccades
    • Head shake
  • Video Head Impulse test (VHIT) – testing all six semi-circular canals
  • Dix-Hallpike test with video recording. Epley manoeuvre performed if DH test is positive.
  • Computerised posturography
  • Bi-thermal Caloric testing with VNG recording
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMP). Cervical and/or Ocular
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation (if indicated)

A detailed written report will be sent to the referring physician, along with a print out of all test results. Depending on the results of the tests, our in-house physiotherapist can tailor a rehabilitation programme to your patient’s needs.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer at Pindrop, please contact the clinic on 0207 487 2660 or get in touch via email.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Pindrop Hearing w e are authorised independent providers for all of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.


Pindrop Hearing are members of multiple professional bodies and associations within Audiology.

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Chelsea Outpatients Centre

280 Kings Road Chelsea,
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Spire Bushey Hospital

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