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Sivantos Group are one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids, helping people with their hearing loss for far more than 100 years. Their global team of experts are dedicated to help hearing impaired people to enjoy the sound of life. In fact, they are proud to develop and manufacture one out of every four hearing aids being used worldwide.

Exceptional care

With your new Signia hearing aid, you now experience even more than the best hearing aid technology. You also enjoy the gold standard in support through guided assistance, personal progress monitoring and CareChat communication with your Hearing Care Professional via video call, text message, or phone call.

Experience TeleCare, designed for full live remote tuning for your Signia hearing aids, so you get the most out of every situation. After the personal first fitting, follow-up appointments can be held online via video call, much like a virtual home visit. During your appointment, your audiologist can adjust the hearing aids for the most natural individual sound quality in real time. With Telecare, you can expect:

  • Instant advice and troubleshooting
  • Fewer follow-up appointments
  • Increased satisfaction

Tailored to you

The intelligent Signia Nx hearing platform is available in four different technology at Pindrop hearing in a range of sizes and styles. These technology levels are:

  • Nx7 (Premium)
  • Nx5 Beyond/Unique 330 (Advanced)
  • Nx3 (Standard)
  • Intuis (Essential)

During you consultation at Pindrop Hearing your Audiologist will be able to advise you on the most suitable technology level and style to meet your individual needs. Explore the pages below to find out more or contact us to make an appointment.

Signia solutions

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Signia Styletto Connect

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