Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in hearing technology dedicated to improving the hearing of patients, so that they are able to hear better and live better as a result. At the heart of their philosophy, Starkey believe that all new hearing instruments should bring specific and measurable improvements to a person’s hearing, paving the way for a better quality of life.

As a leader when it comes to innovation, Starkey manufactured the world’s first custom Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aid and redefined the industry by delivering the first hearing aid that utilised digital technology in a completely new way. Starkey was also a pioneer is producing the first hearing instrument to virtually eliminate feedback once and for all. They aim bring together industry-leading innovation, a personalised service and a philanthropic approach to deliver better hearing to people everywhere.

Starkey solutions

Synergy and Acuity

Pioneers in hearing technology

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Livio AI

First-ever hearing aids built with integrated sensors and AI technology

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Invisible-In-Canal (IIC)

Invisible and powerful

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Tailored to you

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Muse range

Meet the family

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Halo family

Made for iPhone

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The new lithium-ion rechargeable device

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Designed for life

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