Unitron is a global innovator of hearing solutions and devices, and forms part of the Sonova Group.

Founded in 1964, Unitron continues to drive excellence in electroacoustic software thanks to their dedicated team of audiology experts and engineers. Unitron’s user-centric design philosophy puts the needs of the wearer at the heart of their award-winning products, and continue to drive innovations in the ultimate user experience.

Tailored to you

The intelligent Tempus hearing platform is available in four different technology at Pindrop hearing in a range of sizes and styles. These technology levels are:

  • Tempus Pro (Premium)
  • Tempus 800 (Advanced)
  • Tempus 700 (Standard)
  • Tempus 500 (Essential)

During your consultation at Pindrop Hearing your Audiologist will be able to advise you on the most suitable technology level and style to meet your individual needs. Explore the pages below to find out more or contact us to make an appointment.

Unitron solutions


Unitron’s Discover platform with FLEX revolutionises the hearing experience

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Introducing SoundCore

The most realistic sound quality. Ever.

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Unitron Tempus

Driving conversations

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Moxi All

Made for all phones

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Unitron Rechargables

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Insera ITE Family

It’s what’s inside that counts

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Customise your world

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