Step 1: The Initial Consultation - Pindrop Hearing

Our initial consultation and Hearing test is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by the high street chain providers.


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Step 1: The Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by high street chains. 

For anyone wanting to improve their hearing for the rest of their lives, it is highly beneficial to have a  full diagnostic evaluation where we are far more likely to get an accurate hearing test result and therefore provide a better quality of life longer term for our customers.

Duration: 90 minutes

Our in-depth initial hearing consultation includes a fully comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, after which we will be able to identify the exact type, severity and cause of your hearing loss as well as a range of recommended treatment options. Here’s what’s included:

  • In-depth consultation with a highly experienced, Graduate, Clinical Audiologist. We will spend time discussing your symptoms, hearing history, exactly when and where you are having hearing difficulties, as well as other related issues such as Tinnitus, loudness sensitivity, noise exposure and family history.
  • Video-otoscopy. We will examine your ear canal using our specialist video camera and display the picture for you to see (if you want to). We will be able to identify any obvious obstructions such as wax and identify any problems with the ear canal or eardrum.
  • Earwax removal with micro-suction (if necessary). If we determine there is any occluding wax in the ear canal, this will be removed easily and painlessly using micro-suction.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry with AC, BC & Masking. Performed in our sound proof booth this is a full diagnostic hearing test, from which we can identify the exact nature, severity and cause of any hearing loss you may have.
  • Tympanometry. This is a test of middle ear function, where we can identify any negative pressure, congestion or fluid in the middle ear
  • Speech Discrimination in noise testing. This test is done in our purpose built, calibrated, soundproof room. We will test your ability to understand speech with and without background noise
  • Full explanation of your test results with appropriate recommendations.
  • Demonstrations of the most appropriate hearing technology if applicable
  • Print outs of your test results and quotations for further treatment and a report to your Doctor if applicable.

Explanation of results and recommendations

If we feel that you would benefit from using hearing aids, we will talk to you about the most appropriate device for you, taking into account:

  • Technology

The right manufacturer and level of technology for your needs

  • Style

Maximum discretion with maximum benefit to your hearing

  • Comfort

The most appropriate fitting for your ear canal shape

  • Value for money

We stock range of products to suit every budget

We will show you suitable hearing aid types from a variety of manufacturers and discuss the most appropriate choice for you

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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Pindrop Hearing w e are authorised independent providers for all of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.


Pindrop Hearing are members of multiple professional bodies and associations within Audiology.

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