Anne Robinson and the Oticon Alta Pro Creating hearing aid solutions as unique as our clients - Pindrop Hearing

It’s always a joy to hear about a client’s positive experience with their new hearing aid, particularly if they’ve struggled with hearing aids in the past, but to hear that they have written about you in a national newspaper is simply fantastic.

Anne Robinson recently wrote an article for the Daily Mail detailing her experience with hearing loss, from the moment she realised that she was losing her hearing to finding a solution – the Oticon Alta Pro – that works for her.

At Pindrop Hearing, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver bespoke hearing solutions for our clients. In this instance, we recommended the Oticon Alta Pro for its size (it’s tiny) and the fact that it can be completely tailored to the wearer’s individual hearing needs. The Oticon Alta Pro features innovative ‘BrainHearing’ technology, which gives your brain what it needs to interpret sound, creating a natural sound experience.

The other benefit to the Oticon Alta Pro is its unique fitting process, which ensures that the final result is completely tailored to you – even down to the style, design, colour and shade.

Of course, the Oticon Alta Pro is just one of the many solutions we offer here at Pindrop. A consultation will enable us to establish the right make and model for your lifestyle and hearing needs.

The Widex UNIQUE range, for example, is ideal for those who live active lives and need a hearing aid that can keep up, while the Unitron Tempus has been designed to master challenging hearing environments. We also offer a range of hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, such as the Starkey Muse.

To find out more, please contact us today on 0207 487 2660 to arrange a consultation with one of our expert audiologists.