A recent study has found that patients over 66 years of age who were diagnosed with hearing loss could reduce their risk of dementia by 18% if they went on to wear hearing aids within three years of the diagnosis.

The study, which involved 115,000 people, also found that the risk of depression fell by 11% and the risk of having a fall by 13%.

The leader of the study, Elham Mahmoudi, hopes the study will help people and professionals better understand the effect that hearing aids can have on other areas of our health.

He went on to say:

“We already know that people with hearing loss have more adverse health events but this study allows us to see the effects of an intervention and look for associations between hearing aids and health outcomes”

When someone loses their hearing it can have a significant impact on a their lifestyle and many people become isolated as they no longer have the confidence to socialise and do things they used to enjoy. By finding a suitable hearing aid, people can confidently continue doing the things they enjoy and help reduce their risk of these associated health problems. 

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