It can be quite a challenge to research the right hearing care provider and hearing aid for yourself.  Here are 3 quick tips to help you avoid making a mistake on your hearing journey.

1. Choose a professional that resonates with you

If you are choosing private audiological care, it’s so important to choose someone you respect and get along with.  Believe it or not, the relationship between you and your clinician can make a huge difference to your hearing outcome.  The better you can communicate with them and articulate what you want to achieve, therefore the better they can understand that, the more impressive your hearing outcome will be.  You must find someone fully qualified, maybe who specialises and who has the facility to give you the clinic time you need, not someone who rushes you in and out of the door who passes you on to another professional at the drop of a hat.

2. Take their advice

If you’ve found the right professional, you’ll get the right advice.  Don’t just be swayed by flashy manufacturer product headlines, the latest and greatest technology or gadgets and gizmos.  Your clinician will advise you, based on your lifestyle and hearing loss on the best hearing SOLUTION for you.  That may just be hearing devices or a full solution to enable you to live your life to the fullest.

3. Stick with it

Getting your hearing to a stage where you forget you are wearing hearing aids can be tricky in the initial stages but we promise you it’s worth it.  When you have lost your hearing over time, your brain needs to learn to hear again too so you need to be patient and understand that is all part of the process.  It is not like wearing glasses and you instantly see better straight away, the effort you put in with your clinician at the beginning and the advice you take from them is important.

Once you’ve found a clinician and chosen the right hearing system, you’ll never look back, life will be like never before but you have to WANT to hear well and you have to WANT to work with your professional to get the right outcome.  If you want to start your hearing journey, get in touch with us today 020 7487 2660