Leading hearing health care brand Phonak is challenging perceptions of hearing aids this year with the world premiere of Phonak Virto Black, a fully-connected in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid that combines breakthrough, latest Marvel hearing technology with the style of a modern hearable.  You may have already read about the Phonak Marvel in our other technology updates at the end of last year.

Virto Black is Phonak’s first custom-made hearing aid with the benefits of Marvel technology, including universal Bluetooth streaming, hands-free phone calls, and a personalised hearing experience via an application you can use on your phone. When paired with a special accessory called Roger, Virto Black wearers can also experience up to 10x better-than-normal hearing in noisy situations and over distance by streaming the Roger signal directly into both ears.  We are really excited to let you try this technology once it is available in the UK.

A world of connectivity

Virto Black boasts up to 16 hearing performance features that work together to help our patients connect with everyone in their life. Meanwhile its microprocessor chip runs five wireless protocols at the same time (yes 5!) including Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth LE, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, Airstream Technology™ and Roger, providing the wireless connectivity that our patients expect. You don’t need to worry about the terminology – why not contact us for an appointment to find out more?

With Virto Black, hearing aid wearers can answer, end, or reject a phone call with a simple push of a button while keeping their phone in their pocket, purse, or on a nearby table. On-board microphones allow wearers to use their devices as wireless headsets, resulting in truly hands-free conversations.

Freedom to wear when you like

Unlike traditional ‘hearables’, Virto Black’s custom fit means the devices can be comfortably worn all day and won’t fall out during exercise. Its advanced hearing technology facilitates better communication with friends and loved ones instead of limiting you to a typically one-way consumption of streamed content that’s common with some hearables. If you aren’t sure what hearables are, let us tell you all about them, talk to us and we will work to find the correct hearing solution to match your lifestyle needs.

Hungry for a little more? Why not get in touch? You can come and have a hot drink and a biscuit to discuss the latest hearing aids coming soon from Pindrop.