What if every time you used your hearing aid, it became a little smarter? Every conversation, every scenario, feeding into your next listening experience. With game-changing new and advanced machine learning technology, the WIDEX EVOKE™ is capable of just that. By collecting information on your hearing preferences in real time, the EVOKE is able to intuitively shape your listening environment, for the most seamless auditory experience yet.

Advancements such as the EVOKE herald a new age in listening technology – although other hearing aids are already quite sophisticated, they require frequent manual updates from the user to adjust to their different listening requirements. However, by using machine learning to continuously adapt to changing surroundings, EVOKE is able to achieve a greater level of accuracy, without the need for the user’s continuous attention.

With EVOKE the listener is in control – hearing preferences are selected quickly and easily through your smart device, for more personalised adjustments to different listening situations. By simply selecting their favourite hearing preferences for an environment, the EVOKE is able to learn. What’s more each time that users personalise their listening experience, EVOKE continues to evolve – so it can adapt even more rapidly with each changing environment.

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To find out more about what makes the WIDEX EVOKE different, visit https://global.widex.com/en/news/widex-launches-worlds-first-machine-learning-hearing-aid-evoke.