When you realise you have a hearing loss, it’s quite common to pretend there isn’t a problem for fear of it affecting your social life or relationships around you.

It is also common to create coping mechanisms in order to hear well every day, these can include saying pardon, removing yourself from challenging social situations or turning the volume up on the radio or TV.

When you then realise that hearing loss is common, especially when age-related and does not mean the end of your social interaction or end a chapter of your ‘better hearing’ life – far from it.

Actually, when you have control of your health, your hearing AND you take action to improve both, you win all round and every day life is noticeably better.

You win because you have control of the outcome and you have control of the future. Alongside your chosen hearing professional (we hope it is us at Pindrop Hearing), you will match your lifestyle needs to a hearing solution that not only sounds good but looks good too.

This is what we like to call, hearing gain. You gain a new direction in life, a stress-free hearing journey and the key to staying part of every social situation to choose to be in.

Pindrop Hearing is your premier hearing clinic, providing high standards of clinical audiology in London. Our expert team can help you to get the most from your hearing this year, so get in touch to find out more.